Thursday, March 30, 2006

Forward Progress

Bit of an update on my writing life and what's going on there.

Been fairly busy this past week. As far as my first book is concerned, I've been working on getting it into the rounds. One query is off, and a proposal is nearly finished. Lots of waiting will quickly ensue. :)

The sequel is progressing well at this early stage. I got a 600 word synopsis put down for it so I know what I'm doing. And have the first scene done. This is shaping up to be a rather dark book, as the consequences from the events in book 1 play out. Plus there is a big twist in this book that I've been waiting to get to ever since the idea for this story emerged. Gonna be lots of crazy stuff going down, but have to do the work to get there first. I've also got the framework down for four new characters, not quite sure on their personalities yet, but they have all come through some hard times.

Anyway, enough of boring you with my hum-drum writing life. Check back later today and I'll post the phrases left in Monday's comments in their Saurian form. And will have a review of Kathryn Mackel's outriders up soon as well.

Saree Larkime!


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