Sunday, May 04, 2008

Running in Place

Ever feel like you're just running in place? Maybe inside some giant hamster wheel?

I know I have, it's one of the reasons I burnt out last year. I felt like I was running as hard as I could, into a brick wall over and over again. Talking about how we need more sci-fi and fantasy in the CBA or at least from a Christian world view. In the end I felt like I was just beginning to repeat myself and had nothing new to the equation. I still pretty much feel that way.

So instead of me talking about it, I'll point you in some directions of places where you can find others who can give the arguments much better than I can. I'll also try and highlight places of success and interest for those of us interested in Sci-fi and Fantasy from a Christian Worldview.

Finally, I'm going to talk about things that come up in my own writing and reading and general life and what they make me think about. Which could be interesting... or perhaps just a good way to put yourself to sleep.

For now, head over to A Christian Worldview of Fiction for a discussion on why we need Christian SFF in relation to the defenition of good.

Be sure to check out The Anomaly, a growing community of readers and fans of SFF, especially from a Christian Worldview. And while you're there, swing by Where the Map Ends, and Marcher Lord Press for some very cool interviews, news, and a look at three very promising titles coming out later this year.


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