Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Firm Foundation - Pt. 1

It may look like I have drifted away from the Theme topic, but I haven't. Sink your claws in and hold on, eventually it'll all make sense (I hope).

I was in college, studying communications and reading R.A. Salvatore, Dennis L. Mckiernan, Weis & Hickman, Robert Jordan, Stephen Lawhead and Randy Alcorn (to name a few) and some Star Wars novels, while playing games like StarCraft, HalfLife and EverQuest, that I finally decided that what I really wanted to do was write science fiction and fantasy from a Christian worldview, and got mostly serious about it.

I already had a world in construction ever since Jr. High, and had ideas to write stories about it for a while. I had even written a few short stories set on Sauria (and had a few aborted attempts at starting a novel). But one thing was tripping me up. I knew that if I was going to write in my worlds from a Christian worldview, I needed to figure out how that would work.

There was one catch though. I couldn't go all wonky and willy nilly with the allegory or playing fast and loose with the way God and Salvation worked. Not because I didn't think one could do that and still display God's truth. But because of one little detail.

Those of you who absolutely hate story spoilers, run away now! (If you could scream like a little girl while fleeing I'd appreciate it.)

You see, there was the little problem of Earth. Yep there it is. You are all at the mercy of my wacked out whim!

With Earth being a part of my major mythos I had to decide how I was going to handle the whole Salvation thing on all the other planets out there. Especially since interaction between them wasn't going to be limited to a few individuals (like say in C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy, or Roger Elwood's "The Wandering").

No, there was going to be galactic interaction on a massive scale.

After much thought I figured I had two basic ways that I could go.


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Nice cliffhanger! :)

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