Thursday, June 01, 2006

From Firm Foundation to Fertile Soil

OK back some 15 days or so ago before I vanished, I talked about how I set about putting down a firm foundation for my stories taking place in my Saurian mythos by determining the salvation method.

What this did for me was give me a good idea what the rest of the spirituality of my characters would look like as they experienced their "Christianity". Due to the fact that I settled on a method of salvation that as basically the same as on earth it enabled me to make the "Chritianity" of Sauria recognizable.

This left the ability for a Christian Theme to rise naturally out of the simple interaction between the "Christian" characters and the world around them. Simply due to the fact that the world was centered on a Christian foundation.

Did it work? Good question. I'll begin outlining the thought processes I went through while writing Starfire and looking at how the Christian foundation of the world influenced the story and the characters and brought the theme to light, in the next post.


Blogger Camy Tang said...

This is an appropos post because I just saw the DaVinci Code. And before you whack out about what DVC has to do with Starfire, it was interesting how the DVC movie kind of "ignored" or "skewed" some historical facts for the sake of story and the Grail theory.

And then I read your post and realized how each item in history really made a big difference on Christianity today. Skewed facts or not, what God caused to *actually* happen in history determined my own faith today.

See? I'm being profound for once.


2:48 AM, June 03, 2006  
Blogger Gina Holmes said...

Interesting stuff. Stuart. I guess even in sci-fi land we struggle with how our faith blends into the story.

6:19 PM, June 04, 2006  

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