Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Conference Countdown: Look, Ma! It's Mon...er Tuesday!

Ok so welcome to the late update. Only 23 days left!

A few quick tips on things to avoid when in a conference countdown.

1. Avoid anything by Joss Whedon. He'll suck you in and devour all your time until he's done with you and spits you out.

2. Avoid digital gladiators and marios that can fold themselves into airplanes....much like Joss they can devour time quicker than a shrew nibbling a grasshopper.

Yeah so... did I accomplish anything other than feeding time monsters? YES!

I'm very, very close to having my Early Bird entry finished. Actually went fairly well once I stoped my chronic procrastinating and jumped in with all ten fingers and my brain. Taking the first two scenes to crit group tonight. Will see if my forgettable character and the evil pov scene works. Or if I have to clarify better.

This has to be submitted by Friday so that's what I'll likely spend the rest of this week on.

As for pitches and such? Well come back later and maybe I'll share the short (20 or so word) summaries for each story and you can rip them all up! :D


Blogger Camy Tang said...

Aaaack! I'm so behind!!!! But I"m also looking forward to the EB. Then you'll really see how twisted my head is.

Oh I totally hear you on the Joss Whedon, thing, too.


3:53 AM, August 30, 2006  

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