Monday, July 10, 2006

Take Part in the Summer Saurian Safari!

In honor of the launch of the Galactic Lore: Sauria section on my website I am holding a grand contest, the Summer Saurian Safari! How does this work? It is very simple.

Simply head over to and find the answers to the following eight questions, then e-mail them to with "Summer Saurian Safari" in the subject line.

Entries will be accepted until July 31, 2006, at which point two winners will be drawn from eligible entries, where upon the winners will be contacted for shipping information. This contest is limited to the continental United States and Canada. Only one entry per household.

What are the prizes?

Two CBA Sci-fi & Fantasy book packs! One for each of the winning entries.

Each pack sports a selection of some of the best current science fiction and fantasy titles available from CBA publishers.

Pack #1:
The Personifid Project by R. E. Bartlett
Flight to Eden by Doug Hirt
Dragonspell by Donita K. Paul
Light of Eidon by Karen Hancock

Pack #2:
Shadow at Evening by Chris Walley
Daughter of Prophecy by Miles Owens
Outriders by Kathryn Mackel
Raising Dragons by Bryan Davis

Now on to the Questions:

1) What was Pike riding the very first time Stuart drew him?

2) Is Rathe a soldier for the Karn Empire or the Herian Dynasty?

3) What two English alphabet characters are mentioned as being left out of the Saurian alphabet?

4) List the three badly named mountain ranges found on the early map of Dino Island.

5) What are the three terms used to refer to a Saurian race?

6) What is the great barrier that splits Sauria into two halves called?

7) What Saurian animal has a prehensile tongue?

8) What two objects did Stuart use to blow up an electrical outlet?

Remember all the answers to these questions can be found somewhere at

Good luck in finding the answers! Remember, e-mail them to with "Summer Saurian Safari" in the subject line.

Also, for more Saurian goodness, be watching the Scenes & Beans blog, as local Kanner Lake resident, Ted “S-man” Dawson, will be sharing his own version of how Sauria came to be and talking more about the mysterious book Starfire.


Blogger Tiff/Amber Miller said...

Oooh! A treasure hunt. Oh, I'm sorry. A safari. :) What fun! Hope you get lots of contestants...even if you *did* copy the idea. LOL!

8:46 PM, July 10, 2006  
Blogger Gina Holmes said...

Cool contest, Stuart! I'll try to remember to plug it Sat on NJ.

Great prizes. Kathy Mackel, my favorite!

8:19 AM, July 11, 2006  

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