Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Map is Ending!

There's a new site out there for those of us who like to delve, like Reepicheep, beyond the edges of the known world. Where we can share what we find with like-minded explorers.

Where there is much more than just dragons.

Head over to Where the Map Ends. This is a new site run by free lance editor Jeff Gerke (aka Jefferson Scott) that he hopes to see turn into a launching point for everyone who seeks to venture out into the glorious unknown. He has a list of around 250 speculative fiction titles, interviews with the pioneering authors of the genre, and articles about reading, writing, and publishing.

Head over to A Christian World View to read the first part of an interview with Jeff.

Another interview will be posted next Tuesday over at Speculative Faith.

A new era is dawning. Don't get left on the map.


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