Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Map is Ending!

There's a new site out there for those of us who like to delve, like Reepicheep, beyond the edges of the known world. Where we can share what we find with like-minded explorers.

Where there is much more than just dragons.

Head over to Where the Map Ends. This is a new site run by free lance editor Jeff Gerke (aka Jefferson Scott) that he hopes to see turn into a launching point for everyone who seeks to venture out into the glorious unknown. He has a list of around 250 speculative fiction titles, interviews with the pioneering authors of the genre, and articles about reading, writing, and publishing.

Head over to A Christian World View to read the first part of an interview with Jeff.

Another interview will be posted next Tuesday over at Speculative Faith.

A new era is dawning. Don't get left on the map.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Conference Countdown: Look, Ma! It's Tuesday!

Ok so welcome to the late update. Only 23 days left!

A few quick tips on things to avoid when in a conference countdown.

1. Avoid anything by Joss Whedon. He'll suck you in and devour all your time until he's done with you and spits you out.

2. Avoid digital gladiators and marios that can fold themselves into airplanes....much like Joss they can devour time quicker than a shrew nibbling a grasshopper.

Yeah so... did I accomplish anything other than feeding time monsters? YES!

I'm very, very close to having my Early Bird entry finished. Actually went fairly well once I stoped my chronic procrastinating and jumped in with all ten fingers and my brain. Taking the first two scenes to crit group tonight. Will see if my forgettable character and the evil pov scene works. Or if I have to clarify better.

This has to be submitted by Friday so that's what I'll likely spend the rest of this week on.

As for pitches and such? Well come back later and maybe I'll share the short (20 or so word) summaries for each story and you can rip them all up! :D

Friday, August 25, 2006

Conference Countdown

Only twenty five days to go until I leave for the Americain Christian Ficiton Writer's conference in Dallas, TX. On one hand that seems like a lot of time...

on the other... GEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I've got a lot of work to do.

So for all those wondering what an insande sci-fi/fantasy writer does in order to prep for a conference I figure I'll use this rarely visited blog as a way to chronicle the crazy steps I go through. Which is even a bit more crammed this year as I'm also participating in a paid critique session as well as the Early Bird session (where I'll be locked in a room with a bunch of other crazy writers as we hash over our novel proposals and such).

So just what is on my check-list for preparing for this conference?

1. I have to get about 10 more pages written on Chamber of Origins and about 8 on SPF 0: Zeon Star. As these are the two stories for the Early Bird and Paid Critique (respectively).

2. I have to refine my ptiches for all my novel projects so I can rattle them off and sound like I actually know what in the world I'm talking about.

3. Must pull together one sheets for my four current novel projects: Starfire, Shenkai, Chamber of Origins, and SPF 0: Zeon Star. This will most likely include coming up with some original artwork as simple text on a page looks so boring and a picture is worth a thousand words. Luckily my Starfire one sheet will just need updating from last year. Unluckily that leaves three to do.

4. I need to get my Starfire proposal updated and reworked, as well as put together a query letter for it. This most likely won't be a big deal for AT the conference, but more so on the wild chance that an edtior or an agent actually requests it, I will have one ready to go shortly after the conference.

5. Eventually I've got to pack.

So there's what you've got to look forward to here at the Den for the next few weeks.

Check back Monday for my first progress report!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

SFF Blog Tour - Kathy Tyers

This month's blog tour is looking at Kathy Tyers, who's work I first encountered through the wonderful Star Wars novel Truce at Bakura. She eventually crossed over to the CBA market, with the Firebird Trilogy and Shivering World.

Of these three the only one that I have fully read is Truce at Bakura. Which takes place almost immediately after the events seen in Return of the Jedi. And shows an unlikely alliance between the alliance and the empire against an invasion of lizardlike aliens. I was very impressed with the creativity and depth shown in this book. That helped move those who served in the empire from being the faceless two-dimensional villians.

Be sure to visit Kathy Tyers' website at

You can read more in-depth discussions of Kathy Tyers writing at the other tour blogs:

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Summer Saurian Safari Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Summer Saurian Safari!

And a big congratulations to the drawing winners, Sharyn and Elliot.

Your book packs will be getting to you soon, and soon you'll have even more new worlds to explore.
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